How Long Does Weed Last? How Long Marijuana High Last?

how long does weed stay in your system: The answer is complected yet simple. Weed High Time Long Last depends on many circumstances. Getting high for the first time can be a frightening experience for some. Not that it should be. Marijuana is one of the safest intoxicating substances on the planet. Even the United States government admits there have not been any recorded overdose deaths from weed in history. check out the following guideline to know How Long Does Weed Last.

So, there’s that. You’re not going to die. But one of the biggest questions asked by the cannabis-newbie before joining in on the smoktivities for the first time is: How long is this marijuana high going to last? It’s a respectable question.

When it comes to marijuana, it is important to understand that some of the effects have a longer duration than others. If you’re short on time and can’t finish this article right now, here are the basics: smoking or vaping marijuana lasts a few hours, edibles will get you really high later in the day (and last most of it), dabs will kick your ass and likely force you to cancel whatever plans you have.

Smoked Weed High Last Time: less than a minute for onset, 30 minutes until peak which lasts around 1.5–2.5 hours from the moment of smoking. This varies based on the user, his health and properties of cannabis used. Longer lasting effects can be felt much longer, sometimes up to 12 or so hours although effects are very minor. People with any kind of tolerance do not get aftereffects anymore and probably get much shortened peak.

Edible High Last Time: Onset depends greatly whether cannabis is concentrated on alcohol or in food. It will start to work earlier when taken to empty stomach but of course, goes away faster as well. Onset can be from 15 minutes to over 2 hours. Effects can last around 8 hours, possibly more. Aftereffects, if low or no tolerance, can be felt for a full day afterward, possibly even longer.

How Long Does Marijuana  Stay in Your Body?

There is no perfect formula for determining exactly how long marijuana, weed, THC or pot stays in someone’s system during a urine, blood, saliva or hair drug test – let’s look at what different factors can alter the number of days (varies from 30 to 120 days since last smoking weed) marijuana will show up in an unexpected drug test.

It’s no secret that marijuana is a commonly used, mostly-illegal drug in many parts of the United States, which is ironic because although it can be misused it has not caused any sort of death overdose epidemic like heroin has. Because of this, drug tests are often administered if there is suspicion of use or a past history of use. In order to understand how long marijuana stays in your blood, it is important to understand what marijuana is, how it is used or abused and how it affects the body in relation to drug testing for THC.

How Long Does Smoking And Vaping Flowers Stay in Body?

Smoking marijuana is the most common form of consumption. The effects come on almost instantaneously and last one to three hours. The high you get from smoking or vaping flowers might seem a bit intense at first, but it never lasts too long.

How long does Dabs Last?

Dabs are much stronger. But as long as a person doesn’t keep taking hit after hit, the effects will again begin to wind down after the first hour. Then sometime around the second hour, the only concern is what the hell is in the kitchen to eat. That’s right – you will get the munchies. But that is a subject for a different time, another article.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

What about edibles? The effects of marijuana edibles can be somewhat enigmatic. If the product was purchased at a dispensary in a legal state, it is less of an ordeal trying to gauge dosage. Just take a low dose and wait for an hour. But for those folks sitting around a plate of marijuana brownies baked by a giggling team of stoners, the outcome might not be so certain.

Either way, the high from marijuana edibles does not hit immediately. It can take up to two hours before a person begins to feel high. But hang on — it’s only going to get more intense from there. For the next several hours, it might seem like you’re getting higher and higher with each passing minute. This is not an illusion. You are. Edibles can last between five and eight hours. And that is if you have consumed them modestly. And for the love of everything holy, don’t make the mistake of eating more THC-infused treats after catching the munchies. You could be stoned for days.


The best advice for the cannabis newcomer is to take it slow. But if you screw the pooch and end up higher than you can handle, just try to relax. Don’t call 911. Nothing bad is going to happen. Again, you’re not going to die. You won’t end up in a mental institution. You’ll be back to your normal self in no time.

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